Random facts:
I'm obsessed with everything LEGO. I grew up in Michigan and love snow. I have never consumed a cup of coffee and somehow am able to adult. I started photography before Facebook existed. I've played drums for over 15 years. I am almost completely deaf in my left ear. 

A little about me.

My name is Aaron Kohns, husband to Brittany and father to Gavin (6) and Everett (2). 

I reside here in Central North Carolina in a little town east of Greenboro called Whitsett. I enjoy the variety of living in a small town but being very close bigger cities.  I also travel to Michigan, Washington & Florida on a regular basis to photograph and visit family.

I first discovered photography in 6th grade when my mother shared her love for shooting 35mm film with me via a point-and-shoot camera. In High School and College I continued shooting 35mm film and bought one of the very first digital SLRs on the market. I went on to work as a Summer Camp photographer as well as a Studio Portrait photographer before launching my own business. I've worked as a fulltime photographer for the last 8 years and I've tried my hand at photographing everything from Real Estate to Newborn babies to Commercial Advertising. I always comes with it's own set of challenges but I always come back to the story telling that capturing weddings allows.  

I would love the opportunity to help tell your's.